We always have to fight to keep the good programs and services. Here we go again. SMMUSD will spend millions of dollars fighting parents rather that just giving what is needed to students. They never want to invest in anything that benefits the students, especially the ones who may be struggling a bit, or not part of the popular crowd.

This is the case with the effort to shut down the film program. I have witnessed firsthand how Mr. Wishart has worked with students of all ability levels to help them realize their goal of bringing their film visions to fruition. In this class, all the students have an opportunity to make a film. It’s not just for the ones that the school likes or whose parents give the most money to the program.

One of the outstanding things about the film program is that students are required to pitch their film ideas. The same way that you have to in the industry. You have to get a green light before you can make your film. This forces the students to consider the practical aspects of their idea in the time and budget constraints that are in place. You can’t make an epic on a Kool-Aid budget. Reality check. All of our kids need this.

I can’t fathom how the Board can even consider cutting the film program in a school district that is in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world. That makes no sense at all. Maybe if the board were not engaged in so many expensive legal battles, this would not even be an issue at all. Kids can’t do anything with attorney fees.

Debra Shepherd
Santa Monica

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