Thanks for the article about our city and neighborhood growth and development.

The development proposals and height considerations going before the Planning Commission and our City Council are appalling. It seems difficult for the residents of Santa Monica to find a voice and compete with the forces and proponents of such exponential growth. Wilmont Coalition has done a great job providing email access to the Planning Commissioners and City Council members. There are those of us who have an interest and very little time to fight back and argue for slower, more moderate growth if not a status quo to protect this beach community from being obliterated by high rises and traffic. I have lived here for thirty-five years and have seen the changes which up until about the year 2000 were moderate and then downtown redevelopment started and it seems things have not stopped since.

Please keep writing and passing the word on how we can cap building heights and development throughout the City and particularly along the Wilshire corridor.

Tom Lofaro
Santa Monica

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