Easy way to conserve water


A good place to start conserving water is to refrain from sprinkling lawns during, or just after, a rainstorm. This water waste is more common than you might think.

Even rainstorms don’t prevent my daily (sometimes nightly) walks. While walking under one recent downpour, I saw a dozen or so buildings between Wilshire and San Vicente — apartments, condos, and single-family homes — sprinkling their lawns even as rain came pouring down.

Perhaps because few people take long walks during heavy rains, this water waste has gone unnoticed. Yet I’ve been noticing it for many years.

Thomas M. Sipos
Santa Monica

Preparing for light rail


Make no mistake. When light rail arrives here, parking structures 1 and 3 will need to be converted to 9 stories with bathrooms! Our City has no comprehension of the change rail will make on the City. Soon Westside residents will flock to Santa Monica parking structures to use light rail. The theater question has been addressed, tear ’em down make them big. It’s investing in infrastructure.

Sonny Burnett
Santa Monica

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