Santa Monica resident Summer Germann is seeking public funding via Kickstarter to support her Brave Gown project.

According to Germann, the gowns are screen-printed hospital gowns for children that resemble costumes. She said medical procedures can be scary for children and the Brave gown is designed to give them a sense of confidence.

Germann said the idea grew out of personal experience. When her then-10-year-old brother was diagnosed with cancer, she saw how difficult the experience was for him. And after recently seeing a friend’s child in the hospital, she realized how something as simple as a gown could make a positive impact.

In her public appeal, Germann said she has three plans for distribution: direct sales to medical offices, direct sales to families and sponsored distribution. She said she is raising funds for the business end of the project including marketing, website, samples and initial manufacturing.

To donate, click here.

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