USC Sea Grant launched the Urban Tides Photo & Video Contest recently along with partners Heal the Bay, Aquarium of the Pacific, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Los Angeles Waterkeeper, and The Bay Foundation. The contest will engage community members throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties to capture images and videos of flooding impacts from extreme high tides and winter storms. The contest runs from Jan. 12 toFeb. 26.

“Urban tides are rising,” said Phyllis Grifman, Associate Director of USC Sea Grant. “These images will help communities and local governments visualize the future impacts of sea level rise and set priorities to adapt.”

Sea level rise in the Los Angeles region is expected to match global projections with an increase of 5- 24 inches by 2050. Sea level rise will worsen the impacts of flooding and coastal erosion due to high tides and storm surge, thus increasing the risks and costs to maintain beaches and coastal infrastructure.

The contest seeks imagery of tidal impacts on beaches, piers, roads, canals, power plants, the port complex, and other coastal infrastructure. Extremely high tides, called king tides, that will occur on Jan. 19-21 and Feb. 17-19 are an ideal time to capture imagery.

“This is a great way for the public and students of all ages to become citizen scientists,” said Dr. Juliette Finzi Hart, Marine and Climate Science Specialist at USC Sea Grant. “It should be a fun contest and inspire people to take pictures that will help shape our future.”

Images and videos from the contest will be shared broadly through partner organization’s websites and digital displays in aquaria. They will also be shared directly with community leaders and local governments through workshops and webinars as part of USC Sea Grant’s Regional AdaptLA program.

For more information, including how to submit images and videos, visit

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