Residents get what they deserve


It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know what’s wrong with this city. (Bill) Bauer says people are getting more and more angry and frustrated, so why are they still electing the same Santa Monica Renters Rights sycophants. I blame our voters for reelecting O’Connor and McKeown, and for electing Himmelrich instead of Phil Brock, the only true Residocracy candidate endorsed by Residocracy and not endorsed by SMRR. We don’t just have a new City Council, but for the first time, it’s an all SMRR council. The residents deserve what is going to happen in the next two years.

I predict the new City Manager will be just like the old boss; “won’t get fooled again”?

Here is my list of resolutions for Santa Monica:

Repeal L.U.C.E. and shut down the Palihouse.
No more construction without Residocracy approval.
Rehire Elisabeth Riel and terminate Ron Gould with no pension.
Hire a fiscally conservative City Manager.
Eliminate perks and reduce six figure administrative salaries.
Eliminate all positions that are overpaid or not productive.
Institute an employment policy for residents only.
No more taxes; Santa Monica is already rich enough!
End the war over the streets with pragmatic solutions.
Get rid of planter medians that narrow streets.
Protect cyclists with solutions that work, rather than painting green stripes.
Beautify Lincoln in ways that don’t encourage or obstruct traffic.
Much more than a mural needs to be done at the Olympic High School site.
Fight the FAA in court and make SMO a park.
Create Resident Review Boards to monitor and evaluate the budget online.
Turn the Civic Center into a giant homeless shelter with segregated dormitory areas for children, women and men, with a 24-hour security presence.
Stop fostering dependency among the homeless by the so-called “non-profits.”
Provide those homeless who can work with real low-income housing and living wage jobs to recycle waste and clean up the city.
Take our city back from the city employees and SMRR.
Recall the Santa Monica City Council.
Implement A Virtual Town Hall on the city website Home Page.

Too bad none of this will happen.

Jon Mann
Santa Monica

Getting what you vote for


I found the article on the 4th/5th street Arizona project most interesting where it stated that there would be 96 rental units, 225 hotel rooms, 1720,000 square feet of office space and 52,000 for retail on that site.

Where is the “affordable housing” that Mayor McKeown barked so profusely about during the election and why isn’t he talking about this?

Then again, where does the permanent ice rink fit in that I vehemently sought for the families of Santa Monica as well as the city’s visitors during my campaign?

Well, you get who you voted for.

Whitney Scott Bain
Santa Monica

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