Use caution when crossing Montana Avenue!


As a fan of Whole Foods and Starbucks at 15th & Montana in Santa Monica, I want to warn drivers and pedestrians to use caution when crossing those streets. On Dec. 30, 2014, a young woman and I were carefully crossing Montana together in the crosswalk. Once we stepped off the curb, a car sped right past us going east on Montana outside of Starbucks. As we continued towards Whole Foods and advanced further in the crosswalk, another car sped right by and was oblivious the two of us were in the crosswalk. We looked at each other and could not believe how close we came to being hit … twice!

One of my friends was hit by a car in that same crosswalk last year. I doubt that anyone wants to hit a pedestrian or be hit. I can’t say it’s a jungle out there, although if you’re driving or walking, please be extra careful.

Margaret McInnis Verge
Santa Monica

Re: Ron Goldman’s “Poor Light” letter on Montana’s pedestrian dangers


I’m more worried about Arizona’s “open season” drivers cutting through the 3rd Street Promenade’s mob of shoppers spilling into the street waiting for the walk light. I’ve pulled kids back (not mine) from veering drivers (probable texters) twice. Some car fenders get so close to those tiny toes and some big fat ones. I think some small cars can drive right through the small barriers that are more decorative than protective.

Why not hire someone just paranoid enough to imagine this and other safety design flaws around town? (Think the Venice disaster.)

Just don’t hire anyone from the Big Blue Bus office. The only demographic they designed for is conjoined twins!

Judy David
Santa Monica

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