On Oct. 25 at about 4:45 p.m., officers responded to the 1500 block of Palisades Park regarding a subject causing a disturbance. The subject was reportedly knocking down signs and possibly grabbed a woman’s breast. Upon arriving on scene, numerous people pointed the subject out. Upon contacting the subject, he displayed symptoms of alcohol intoxication and became belligerent. The subject was taken into custody and while walking him to the patrol car, he turned and spit on one of the officers. The subject was placed into the patrol car without further incident. Robert Calderon, 33, of Santa Monica, had bail set at $20,000.

On Oct. 28 at about 11:30 p.m.

An officer observed a subject panhandling in the front of the Arco Gas Station located at 332 Pico Blvd. The officer made contact with the subject and advised him it was a municipal code violation to aggressively panhandle in Santa Monica per section 4.08.740(a) SMMC. The officer noticed the subject was wearing a large baggy shirt that covered his waistband along with oversized baggy sweatpants which could easily conceal a weapon. The subject was asked if he had any weapons on him and he said he had a knife in his pocket. While searching the subject, the officer removed a large fixed blade knife, with the sharp end pointed up, from his pocket. The knife was about 8 inches long and did not have a hand guard on it. The subject stated he knew he should not have it but it was for protection. Barron Troy Odom, 48, of Los Angeles, had bail set at $20,000.

On Oct. 30 at approximately 4:35 a.m.

Officers responded to the 600 block of Adelaide regarding a residential “Hot prowl” that had just occurred. The victim saw the suspect inside his house. Responding officers received information that the suspect was still in the area. A perimeter was established and the suspect attempted to escape the perimeter. He was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit and brief struggle. Donald Jake Sellers, 40, of Santa Monica, was denied bail.

On Oct. 31 at approximately 6:33 p.m.

Officers were dispatched to the Apple Store, 1415 3rd St, regarding a suspect Loss Prevention Officers had detained for theft. After talking to Loss Prevention, it was determined that the suspect was inside the store looking at Apple products, including a power adaptor and an external hard drive. The suspect put the hard drive back and then walked out of the store with the $79 power adaptor. The suspect quickly walked northbound on the 3rd St Promenade. He was detained at 3rd and Santa Monica by Loss Prevention and brought back to the store until police arrived. When officers arrived, they recognized the suspect as being the subject of approximately 50 calls for service for municipal code violations along the 3rd St Promenade. Leandro Arturo Carrasquero, 37, of Los Angeles, had bail set at $1,000.

On Oct. 31 at approximately 5:15 p.m.

A patrol officer saw a Dodge Caravan driving northbound in the 1300 block of Lincoln Blvd. The officer conducted a computer check of the vehicle and it showed the tabs on the car did not match the DMV information. A traffic stop was conducted and it was determined the driver did not have a license. During an inventory search of the car, the officer located several forged documents including a fake Department of Justice Permanent Resident Card, Social Security Card, and California Driver’s License. The Driver’s License number and social security number belonged to other people. The suspect admitted to all the documents being fake. He was arrested and the vehicle was impounded. Matthias Karl Pieler, 51, of Venice, had bail set at $20,000.

On Oct. 31 at about midnight

Officers responded to JP’s Bar and Grill, 1101 Wilshire Blvd, regarding an assault on a bartender. When officers arrived on scene, the victim/bartender was being treated by medics for a one inch laceration along her upper eyebrow which was still bleeding. Officers spoke with the parties involved and determined the suspect threw a drink glass at the bartender, striking her above the eye. The suspect had been drinking in the bar with friends and felt the bartender was being rude. Teresa Lopez, 30, of Santa Monica, had bail set at $30,000.

On Nov. 1 at about 10:40 a.m.,

Officers responded to the area of the light rail construction in the 1100 block of Colorado. A Traffic Service Officer reported seeing a subject ripping up the train tracks, removing items from the site, and throwing items in the street causing a traffic hazard. When officers arrived, the subject was walking northbound on Euclid and throwing dirt from a construction area. An officer asked the subject to sit down, but the suspect ignored the officer and muttered something to himself. When asked again, the suspect tossed a rock towards the officer, but the officer moved out of the way. The suspect began walking away and ignoring the officer, eventually walking into the street with oncoming traffic. The officer attempted to place the subject under arrest, but the suspect resisted. Assisting officers arrived on scene and they were able to take the suspect into custody. The suspect was originally booked as John Doe because he refused to provide his name. Kirk Johnell Douglas, 26, homeless, had bail set at $10,000.

Nov. 1 at about 9:49 p.m.

An officer was driving eastbound in the 500 block of Broadway and observed a subject riding a bike without a headlight and on the sidewalk in the same block. These are a vehicle code and municipal code violations, respectively. The officer attempted to stop the subject using his horn, intercom, siren, and spotlights, but the subject ignored commands and continued east into the Von’s parking lot. The subject got off his bike and locked it in front of the entrance to Von’s. The subject refused all commands from the officer saying he did nothing wrong. Once additional officers arrived on scene, the subject was detained after a brief struggle. Once in handcuffs, the subject refused all commands and continued resisting. He was eventually placed in the back of a patrol car, where he calmed down. Joseph Jean Gilbert, 25, homeless, was held without bail.

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