12 p.m. Wednesday:The Daily Press is still waiting to hear how many absentee and provisional ballots were cast at polling places last night. These results are deemed semi-official by the Los Angeles County Registrar. Measure LC definitely passes. Measure D and Measure H definitely fail. Measure FS appears to have passed.

1:30 FS widens further.

1:08 Measure FS widens a small lead. Not looking good for Measure D. Measure LC is looking strong.

12:50 Big update at last. We’re halfway there. Measure FS has gained a slight lead. Measure H made up ground but is still a long way out. Measure D slips again.

11:50 A fifth of the way there. Measure D continues decline. FS loses ground. Not looking good for H.

11:30 Another four precincts in. Measure FS, which would force landlords to pay half of the rent control fee, is so close. Measure D continues to fall. LC continues to gain.

11:05 Finally, three precincts report. Measure D loses a little more ground. Measure LC makes a small gain. Measure H still struggling but made a small gain. Night is still young.

10:20 We’re still waiting for more results. Nothing new since 8:10.

9:15 Early results show Measure D, a pro-Santa Monica Airport measure, trending worse than Measure LC, which was created by City Council to opposed it. Measure H, which would raise taxes on the sale of million dollar homes, has taken an early stumble with 62 percent of the vote-by-mail Santa Monicans opposing it. Less than 2 percent of precincts have reported.

Total precincts: 55

Measure D
Yes: 41.7%
No: 58.3%

Measure FS
Yes: 51.5%
No: 48.5%

Measure H
Yes: 42.2%

Measure HH
Yes: 50.1%
No: 49.9%

Measure LC
Yes: 59.73%
No: 40.27%

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