Students wave to their family members and friends as they wait to collect their deplomas during the Santa Monica College 2011 graduation ceremony at the Corsair Field. (File photo).

SMC College Board


Four available seats

12 p.m. Wednesday: The Daily Press is still waiting to hear how many absentee and provisional ballots were cast at polling places last night. These results are deemed semi-official by the Los Angeles County Registrar. Incumbents appear to have swept. More than 600 votes separate Walzer, who is in fourth, from Frisch, who is in fifth.

Total Precincts: 74

Nancy Greenstein: 20.49%

Louise Jaffe: 20.29%

Barry A. Snell: 16.34%

Andrew Walzer: 14.51%

Dennis C. W. Frisch: 14.51%

Maria Loya: 12.66%


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