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Santa Monica City Council

Threeavailable seats

12 p.m. Wednesday:The Daily Press is still waiting to hear how many absentee and provisional ballots were cast at polling places last night. These results are deemed semi-official by the Los Angeles County Registrar.

1:25 With four-fifths of precincts responding, McKeown and Himmelrich are running away with it. O’Connor is up on Brock by 500 votes.

1:05 McKeown and Himmelrich continue to roll with 30 percent left. O’Connor widens the gap on Brock.

12:45 After a long lull, we got a big update. McKeown and Himmelrich appear to be pulling away. O’Connor lost a little ground on the field but so did Brock. Strong set of precincts for SMRR candidates, as Planning Commissioner Jennifer Kennedy has pulled into fifth place. We’re halfway there.

11:45 We’re a fifth of the way there and the leaders are as they’ve been. O’Connor makes slight gain. Brock makes a slightly larger gain.

11:25 Another four precincts in. McKeown and Himmelrich crack 2,000 votes each. O’Connor and Brock duke it out for third. Updates from the county seem to be coming more consistently now.

11:05 Finally. Three precincts report. Leaders are still McKeown, Himmelrich, O’Connor, and Brock. Night is still young.

10:20 We’re still waiting for more results. Nothing new since 8:10.

8:45 p.m. Early results have incumbent Kevin McKeown and Planning Commissioner Sue Himmelrich leading the pack followed by Mayor Pam O’Connor. Recreation and Parks Commissioner Phil Brock is a close fourth. These are from mail-in ballots. It’s still very, very early, folks.

Total precincts: 55

Kevin McKeown*: 16.94%

Sue Himmelrich: 15.65%

Pam O’Connor*: 11.18%

Phil Brock: 9.85%

Frank Gruber: 8.8%

Jennifer Kennedy: 8.6%

Richard McKinnon: 8.31%

Michael Feinstein: 6.26%

Terence Later: 3.19%

Jerry Rubin: 2.88%

Jon Mann: 2.67%

Whitney Scott Bain: 2.21%

Nick Boles: 2.15%

Zoe Muntaner: 1.31%






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