Prop H/HH


In regard to Propositions H and HH, If Affordable Housing is such a noble, worthy goal, why not encourage everyone in the city of Santa Monica and elsewhere to participate in its support.

The more egalitarian way to accomplish this is to create a 501(c)3 charitable foundation and grow an endowment to which all Santa Monicans and others can contribute if they wish, not just real property buyers and sellers.

Let’s make it a true act of altruism and an expression of community commitment to support affordable housing development for the needy. For example: The Santa Monica Endowment for Affordable housing Partnerships strikes a balance in allowing all to participate.

Propositions H and HH, in their current form, are confiscatory and unbalanced in that they levy the burden of support only on property buyers and sellers. Let’s think a little more expansively, and a little less punitively about this issue.

Adrian Shymko

Santa Monica

Concerned about fracking


I’m an Environmental Educator and am very concerned about the pollution that Fracking, big Agriculture, Drilling are depositing into our water systems without any punishment. Please stop the polluters. Enough already!

Melodie Meyer


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