Barry Snell is running for Santa Monica College Board of Trustees. The following answers were submitted in response to questions from the Daily Press.

Name: Barry A. Snell

Age: 59

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant

Neighborhood of residence: Pico Neighborhood

Own/Rent: Rent

Marital status: Single

Kids: Two currently attending SMC and one a graduate of SMC with a AA in accounting this past spring

Political affiliation: Democrat

Schooling: Morehouse College and Golden Gate University

Highest degree attained: Master of Science in Taxation

Hobbies: Volleyball, bike riding and going to the gym

Reading list: Shining Star by Philp Baily

Last concert attended: Bobby McFerrin

How do you get to and from work? Car and sometimes by bike

What is your connection to SMC?

My children go to school at SMC. I also was involved with the Young Collegian Program when I was a the SMMUSD Board

Describe the role of the SMC Board in less than 50 words.

The primary responsibility of the board is the selection of the college president. Furthermore, the board should support the President and annually evaluate his or her performance. As a Trustee that is elected by the citizens of Santa Monica and Malibu we have a responsibility to represent issues affecting the residents. Finally we need to ensure that the College government is share by all parties, students, employees and administration.

Do you think there is a corporatization of education at SMC?

No, I don’t believe that there is a corporatization of education at SMC.

Does SMC need additional physical facilities? If so, where should they be built?

At the present time I do not believe that any additional physical facilities need to be built.

Is the balance of local/non-local students correct on campus?

I believe that the balance of local/non-local students is correct on campus.

Has SMC done enough to prepare students for the current job market?

I believe SMC has done a good job at preparing students for the current job market by offer a wide arrange of classes. The college CTE program is flexible to develop courses that fit the needs of the always changing job market.

What are the benefits or pitfalls of offering 4-year degrees?

The benefit of a 4-year degree at a community college is that students can take classes that are less expensive. It allows for students to have a higher expertise in their chosen field. The pitfall for offering 4-year degrees at a community college is if the course disciplines are similar to 4-year universities. The community college does not want to compete with 4-year colleges.

What would you like to see change at SMC?

I would like to see the relationship between the faulty association and the administrations strengthen. The administration and the faulty senate have a strong working relationship however since serving on the SMC board I feel that there is a disconnect between the faulty union and the management of the college.

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