MY WRITE — The race for Los Angeles County 3rd Supervisorial District has former Santa Monica city Councilman Bobby Shriver pitted against Sheila Kuehl with her lengthy history as a Sacramento legislator.

Regular readers of this column know I have big concerns about the 73-year-old Kuehl’s character and honesty.

In 2008, Kuehl was featured on campaign mailers that trumpeted, “I oppose Measure T because it further encourages landlords to demolish affordable apartments and displace renters…” and “T…will replace affordable apartments with expensive condos.”

Measure T proposed to limit commercial development only and specifically exempted residential property. It had nothing to do with renters or condos and didn’t encourage landlords to “demolish affordable apartments.” Kuelhl deliberately, flat out, lied to voters.

Shriver supported the measure proving that he is independent and not on the take

The weekend before last May’s primary, Kuehl’s campaign mailed out two flyers quoting a May 15, 2014 editorial from the Los Angeles Times. They made it appear that the Times endorsed Kuehl although the Times actually endorsed competitor John Duran who wasn’t even mentioned in her mailers. It was another obvious case of deliberate voter deception.

Kuehl has raised nearly a million dollars from public employee unions for her election. News reports disclose that approximately half of Los Angeles County’s 100,000 workers have contributed to PACs for her. What do you think she’s promised them in return? Generous wage and benefits packages and higher taxes for the rest of us?

Shriver is not an old-fashioned “spend and tax” politician like Kuehl. He’ll bring a fresh new perspective and approach to a board mired by patronage that’s been unable to deal effectively with vital issues involving the jails, transportation, health care, poverty, law enforcement and government waste.

“The Third” needs a Supervisor with integrity who won’t obfuscate and sell us out to the highest bidder. Shirver has earned my trust and vote. Kuehl hasn’t.

In the race for Congress, Ted Lieu is running against gang prosecutor Elan Carr to replaceU.S. Rep. Henry A. Waxman in the 33rd Congressional District.

Regular readers of this column know that I think Lieu is a bully. Three years ago, State Senator Lieu threatened a boycott and a State Senate investigation of Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers because he didn’t like their advertising policy.

Lieu voted against a 2011 bill that would make the unsustainable ‚Äì and cruel — practice of de-finning sharks illegal in California waters. He conducted a one-sided Senate investigation of statewide airport air pollution which only studied one airport — Santa Monica Airport ‚Äì and vowed to close it. And, let’s not forget Lieu’s attempt to triple the state car tax.

I’ll be voting for Carr as we don’t need Lieu’s “shoot from the hip” style of governing.

We do need reason, common sense and order from our Congressman, not threats and bullying. “Gunslinger” Lieu isn’t the politician I want representing me in Washington.

In other races, Ben Allen is running against Sandra Fluke for 26th State Senate District. The well-connected Allen seems to be firmly ahead in terms of fundraising and endorsements. It would be great to have a smart Santa Monican in Sacramento working for us. Allen deserves your vote.

Slow-Growthers or Poseurs?

Leaving the campaign trail… on Tuesday, City Council reviewed a development agreement for a huge, new development slated for 500 Broadway, formerly Fred Segal.

Developer DK Broadway, LLCproposes a seven floor (84 feet high) mixed-use development with 262 apartments (264,150 sq. ft.), 65,200 sq. ft. of ground floor/subterranean commercial space and four-levels of subterranean parking.

This project was enthusiastically approved by the Planning Commission on July 9.

DK Broadway dangled a big carrot by promising low income housing at a separate site to be managed by City Hall subsidiary and political darling Community Corp of Santa Monica (CCSM).

Folks, this is where the pedal hits the metal as we are all being sold out for much more development, again onthe promise of even more low income housing for non-Santa Monicans managed by CCSM.

But wait, there’s more bad news. NMS Properties proposes a six floor (76 foot tall) apartment building across the street at 501 Broadwaywith 65 apartments, 8,650 sq. ft. of commercial space and 154 subterranean parking spaces.

Add two, ugly, tourist-class hotels under construction a half block away at Fifth Street and Colorado Avenue for a total of 473,130 sq.ft. in four new developments (337 apartments and 279 hotel rooms) pending in one block! If this doesn’t add to Downtown traffic and congestion, nothing will.

Nothing about 500 Broadway is a community benefit. Nevertheless, I’m betting the family Prius that City Council ‚Äì including the so-called slow-growthers ‚Äì will happily approve this overly large, traffic generating boondoggle. It’s one more example of our failed planning policies and the costly social engineering agenda politicians are jamming down our throats.

Council’s vote on this will separate the real slow-growthers from the poseurs. No matter how much residents like me complain about growth, density, building height, traffic and other negatives, I predict we’ll beignored and dismissed, as usual.


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