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CITYWIDE — Candidates are collecting cash and loaning to themselves in large numbers in advance of the November election.

City Council candidates were required to file their campaign finance disclosure statements by Monday and city officials have been posting them online throughout the week.

Planning Commissioner Sue Himmelrich has loaned herself $90,000 and received $6,547 in contributions. She has spent $50,000 thus far. She holds the most cash in hand: $46,513.

Mayor Pam O’Connor has raised the most cash through individual monetary contributions: $33,649. She’s spent $31,000 and has not loaned herself any money.

The Daily Press reached out to O’Connor about contributions she accepted from three executives at Century West Partners. O’Connor voted in favor of a Century West project last year. Santa Monica’s Oaks Initiative prohibits council members from accepting contributions from anyone after the member has voted to confer them a benefit.

“I will check that out,” O’Connor responded. “As I have a paid treasurer I don’t see the checks before they are deposited. If that is the case the funds will be returned.”

The Santa Monica Transparency Project filed a complaint with City Hall against O’Connor Wednesday alleging 24 violations of Santa Monica law relating to campaign contributions. Century West contributions are among those mentioned in the complaint.

Penalties under Santa Monica law can be both civil and criminal, and can include an order for her to stop taking prohibited donations and payment to the City of up to 5 times the amount of the illegal contributions, over $22,000,” a release from the Transparency Project said.

O’Connor said she is having a volunteer cross-check contributions.

“We will look at the names on the Oaks initiative log to see if these folks are listed,” O’Connor said. “Not necessarily all people affiliated with a project are barred from donating.”

Members of Residocracy, a local political organization most famous for leading the charge against the controversial Hines development project, released a graph showing how much money came from Santa Monica residents versus non-residents.

According to the graphic, O’Connor has received more than $21,000 from 81 non-residents.

Former Mayor Michael Feinstein has loaned himself just under $44,500 and received another $8,751 in contributions. He’s spent close to $30,000 and holds $25,658.

Planning Commissioner Richard McKinnon has already spent $69,000 — the most by any candidate thus far. Much of that has gone toward campaign literature and mailers. McKinnon has also purchased web advertising.

He’s raised $21,000 from campaign contributions and loaned himself $27,000, leaving him with another $27,000 in unpaid bills.

McKinnon, according to the graphic produced by Residocracy members, has raised the most money from Santa Monica residents — drawing just over $2,000 from non-residents.

McKinnon ran for council in 2012 and had raised $15,000 by this time last campaign.

Former Planning Commissioner Frank Gruber has raised $36,699 through a $10,000 loan to himself and $26,180 in contributions. He’s spent only $9,000, leaving him with more than $27,000 in the bank. Gruber also ran in 2012 and had raised the most cash by this time last campaign. He had more than $58,000 raised by his Sept. 30 fundraising deadline in 2012.

Recreation and Parks Chair Phil Brock has received $26,000, including $14,269 from individuals and nearly $12,000 from a loan to himself.

Brock has spread the $18,000 he’s spent around — hosting events at local restaurants, buying ads in newspapers, and investing in social media.

Only six of the contributions to Brock have come from outside Santa Monica, according to the Residocracy members.

Councilmember Kevin McKeown has raised $25,000, with $5,000 of that coming from a loan to himself and the rest from individual contributions. McKeown claims he returned contributions because they “were corporate or otherwise in conflict with (his) personal or the City’s policies.”

Planning Commissioner Jennifer Kennedy has raised $12,768, of which she has spent just over $2,000. She loaned herself more than $4,000 and has raised $8,418 through individual contributions.

Nick Boles has raised $8,231, with $3,791 coming from individual contributions. He’s loaned himself $4,000.

This time last campaign, the four candidates who would go on to win election had raised anywhere from $11,142, in the case of Councilmember Tony Vazquez, to $40,680, in the council of Councilmember Terry O’Day. Councilmember Ted Winterer had raised $34,700 and Councilmember Gleam Davis had raised $28,100.

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