DOWNTOWN LA —A Santa Monica Police Athletic League employee pleaded guilty in a Los Angeles court on Friday to taking surreptitious sexual pictures without consent, Rob Wilcox, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles City Attorney told the Daily Press.

Donald Condon was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department at Dodger Stadium on May 30, while chaperoning a PAL event.

“It is alleged that he took inappropriate photographs of minors in public,” city officials said in a release in June.

Condon was sentenced to 36 months summary probation, 60 days of county jail, or 45 days with Caltrans, Wilcox said.

Condon is not allowed to be in the company of unattended minors.

He must complete a one-year sex offender treatment program and he has to stay away from the named victim.

City Hall placed Condon, a long-time employee, on paid administrative leave on June 2.

City officials were not able to clarify whether or not he remains on paid leave by press time. On the Santa Monica PAL website, Condon is still listed as the community service specialist.

On June 24 he was arraigned and a stay-away order was issued.

There were no prior complaints filed against Condon, Santa Monica Police Department officials told the Daily Press earlier this year.

The initial release notes that there is an ongoing administrative investigation. “The City took immediate action to inform the families of those youth who participated in the outing,” the release said, “and will continue to take steps to insure the wellbeing of the youth.”

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