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Editor’s Note: Every year, city departments set goals and objectives. In August, City Hall released information about how each of the 15 departments progressed toward these goals during the 2013-14 fiscal year. Over a several week period, the Daily Press has been taking a look at the goals that are being achieved (according to City Hall) and the ones that aren’t. This is the last in the series.

CITY HALL — The Santa Monica Police Department’s report paints a positive picture of crime trends in the city by the sea.
As reported earlier this month in the Daily Press, violent crimes and auto theft hit historic lows in 2013. According to new report, Part 1 crimes dropped another 5 percent in the first half of 2014, on pace to the department’s goal of a 4 percent reduction by the year’s end.
Part 1 crimes include rape, homicide, robbery, and assault — the violent crimes — and auto theft, larceny, burglary, and arson. Part 1 crimes were actually up last year, in large part because larceny cases, which are the most common of the eight Part 1 crimes, continued to rise. Department officials attributed this larceny rise, in part, to the arrest of a serial bike thief.
The report does not include a breakdown of which specific Part 1 crimes fell, but the overall crime rate is down by at least 1 percent in each of the last four quarters.
SMPD crime analysis experts identified homeless related problems as an area of focus for crime reduction. Numerous homeless trainings and programs were completed by members of the apartment throughout the last fiscal year, according the report.
The department, according to its report, is on or ahead of schedule on dozens of goals.
The implementation of an electronic collision reporting system, which was slated to be complete in April, is 75 percent done because the development of the software is taking longer than expected.
A goal to integrate the police and fire department communication center is coming along and they two departments are expected to share a room by November.
SMPD has collaborated on a slew of Teen Court events at Santa Monica High School. The court gives underage offenders a chance to be tried by a true jury of their peers: other students.
DARE and gang programs are being implemented in the middle and high schools.
The department conducted two motorcycle safety operations, 15 distracted driving operations, three DUI checkpoints, and 19 traffic enforcement operations. All but the DUI checkpoints are well above the department’s benchmarks — a DUI grant dictates when checkpoints can be held, according to the report, and the final checkpoint in the benchmark is scheduled for November.

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