SMO — Happy election season.
A yard sign supporting an anti-airport measure was allegedly defaced over the weekend, according to a release from anti-airport activists.
The sign reading “Yes on LC” — a measure that, if approved by voters in November, would maintain City Council’s current control over the airport while requiring a public vote on new development ‚Äì appears to have been covered in in blue paint pen with the words, “Save SMO.”
The sign also opposed Measure D, which, if approved, would require a public vote on any significant changes made to the airport.
“This was clearly an effort to intimidate not just one resident, but anyone who challenges the aviation lobbies financing Measure D,” said John Fairweather, chair of the Committee for Local Control of Santa Monica Aiport Land.
John Jerabek, a member of the group that sponsors the pro-SMO initiative, disagreed.
“Obviously, we don’t condone such behavior,” he said. “However, without proof to the contrary, this picture could have been staged by an anti-airport activist as easily as anyone else.”

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