Follow the money

Today, I received in the mail a nice little invitation from the people pushing Measure D to one of their information sessions. At the bottom of this slick mailer were the words “Major Funding by Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and National Business Aviation Association.” I’m glad this group is being open and honest about who’s cutting the checks to pay for their mailers. It looks like the AOPA’s recent donation of $60,000 (on top of the $127,000 they’ve already ponied up, along with the NBAA’s $125,000 investment in maintaining their gravy train) is indeed creating jobs in the community. Of course, those jobs are for graphic designers and printers for their campaign mailers, but what the hell.
Adam Rakunas
Santa Monica

No Mystery

I was watching a Hercule Poirot mystery on TV just after I read your fascinating article about the great “Airport Ballot Language Mystery”, and I realized the little Belgian detective has some wise words which help sort out the differences between Santa Monica’s own Measure LC and the aviation lobbyists’ Measure D.
Poirot always asks “What is the motive?” and the lobbyists are quite clear about theirs: they want to keep the airport open. So it’s not hard to deduce that their Measure D isn’t really about giving local voters choice ‚Äì it’s about making sure the private jets can keep flying in. Which is why they’ve put in the language that will demand an impossible majority before anything can be done about the noise, pollution and danger.
Measure LC, on the other hand, straightforwardly puts the power in the hands of the voters and specifically forbids development at the airport. The motive: to keep a $2bn asset that belongs to the people of Santa Monica in local hands so it doesn’t become the private playground of the privileged few.
I think that’s what Poirot’s “little gray cells” would be telling him, anyway. And probably what Santa Monica voters will be figuring out for themselves before November.
Gavin Scott
Santa Monica

No on Measure H

One of the reasons, I am supporting former Santa Monica Mayor Bobby Shriver for LA County Supervisor is regarding a quote he made over the 2010 sales tax … The debate on the dais became somewhat heated when Shriver referred to Santa Monica as a ‘rich’ City, and not one that is financially troubled. “It might get there if it persists in doing business the same way it has done in the past,” he said.
That said, I feel very much the same about the Santa Monica Ballot Measure H to provide “affordable housing” by taxing sales on homes/condos etc. over $1M. It is just another Initiative that is posing as an “Affordable Housing Measure” to provide funding for ongoing development. There are better tools to use than to tax our already overtaxed citizens.
Anne Pearson
Santa Monica

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