Formerly beautiful
How long has it been since you have driven or walked by the “formerly” beautiful building that is located at the northwest corner of Wilshire Blvd and 7th Street?
The people of Santa Monica for many decades have admired the building’s soaring linear appearance and graceful architecture. Its wide antique tile accents complimented the raised and indented lines of the building.
Alas, now all that beauty is being covered by dark grey and royal blue paint chosen to match the color of the uniforms of the Chase employees who work inside the building. What?
Who is responsible for allowing the desecration of such a significant building? The dark grey paint on the stucco hides the linear aspects of the building and, unbelievably, the garish royal blue paint now obliterates the beautiful antique accents.
The paint is now covering the east side of the building. Please compare its appearance to the original design.
What can be done to preserve the integrity of our city?
Joanne Mardesich
Santa Monica

Pass S.J.Res.19 To Amend The Constitution To Reverse Citizens United
It is clear that if our country is to ever again have anything approaching democratic governance, we must restrict campaign money to one relatively small amount per person (or group) per candidate. Large contributions, whether from corporations or wealthy individuals, simply must end.
William Schoene
Santa Monica

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