Editor’s Note: Every year, city departments set goals and objectives. In August, City Hall released information about how each of the 15 departments progressed toward these goals during the 2013-14 fiscal year. Over a several week period, the Daily Press will take a look at the goals that are being achieved (according to City Hall) and the ones that aren’t.

CITY HALL — In opening the Pico Branch, the Santa Monica Public Library had a huge year.
They stocked the place for the opening day and hired a slew of new staff members. They celebrated a soft opening on March 24 and a Grand Opening on June 28.
Overall, patrons were happy with all the branches. About 94 percent of users were satisfied with library service. About 90 percent were satisfied with the materials available at the library.
They added 55,600 new items and residents used about 2.1 million items from the collection last year.
The department registered 9,746 patrons last fiscal year, falling short of a 15,000 goal.
More than 1.26 million people visited the library, exceeding the department’s goal.
Patrons used the library computers more than 280,000 times last year.
An attempt to increase programming and attendance to those programs by 15 percent failed. Programming declined by 6.2 percent and attendance fell by 5.8 percent.
The library sold 6,067 non-resident cards last fiscal year, bringing in $151,670. They sold 6,405 computer sessions to the tune of $12,810.
A plan to renovate the Fairview Branch is delayed. Temporary closure of the branch is expected to occur from December to June.

Office of Sustainability and the Environment

Between the horrendous drought and a move to a new home, it was an important year for the Office of Sustainability and the Environment.
The department moved into offices at 1717 Fourth St. and hired a new sustainable building advisor and principal administration analyst.
Their goal of reducing annual water demand by 42 million gallons fell flat. Water use increased by 800,000 gallons in fiscal year 2013-14, up nearly 7 percent from the year prior.
“This,” they said in the report, “was likely due to higher water demand for landscaping due to low rainfall totals.”
The drought also put a damper on the department’s goal of harvesting 30 million gallons of non-drinking water for reuse. They pulled in about two-thirds of their goal, or 20 million gallons.
The department fell just shy of its goal to install 90 stormwater best management practices last year, adding only 82.
They did manage to exceed their goal for water efficiency projects, installing 289 last year — a move that resulted in 3.7 million gallons worth of water savings.
Solar installations increased by 574 kilowatts last fiscal year.
Energy efficient measures installed in public facilities reduced electricity usage by 748,747 kilowatt hours, resulting in $120,000 worth of savings.
The Office of Sustainability distributed 5,804 reusable bags last fiscal year and excelled at enrolling residents and businesses in green programs.
Twenty-three companies completed the Green Business Certification program. The Sustainable Works program enrolled 186 residents and 785 students.


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