I don’t know if any of you have received correspondence regarding the August 21 Pier concert, but I’d be interested to find out.
First let me say that The Zombies put on a great, classy show that seemed to be much appreciated by the thousands in attendance.
Our family got to the Pier at about 5 p.m. and sat behind several rows of chairs of people who had gotten there even earlier. Everything seem to be fine. But a couple of minutes before the show started, a group of about 50 twenty-somethings surged in from the left at the front of the audience, pushing their way in between seated audience members, rudely bumping into others and acting rowdy including pushing and shoving each other. When the Mystic Braves started playing, their little group turned into a mosh pit. They continued to allow no personal space for anyone around them and constantly brushed up against others or bumped them with no apology while passing bodies of their group over their heads. Several people who had come early picked up their chairs and left or went to the back in disgust. I saw one private security person come down the center aisle and watch what was happening. He spoke into his radio, left, and nobody else arrived. I guess nobody wanted to deal with what was happening. This awful scene continued until the Mystic Braves left the stage after about 40 minutes.
During the intermission, I went looking for the Santa Monica Police. I finally found two officers stationed at the concert entrance off the main pier walkway to the southwest of the audience area. They were standing there talking to each other. There wasn’t much for them to do since most of the attendees were already inside. I told them what happened. They barely seemed interested. They told me there were two SMPD officers on either side of the stage at the front and to tell my story to them. There was no offer to contact the other officers or any other assistance offered. I went back to the left front of the stage, waded through the crowd and found no SMPD there. I asked concert goers in the area if they had seen any offers and they said “no.” I think these policeman didn’t want to be bothered or leave their cushy post and simply blew me off.
Thankfully the rowdy element left when the Mystic Braves did and there was no such disturbance during The Zombies. I’ve been going to these concerts since the beginning, but I might’ve been to my last.
Where was the security? Where were the police?

Jerry Jacobius
Santa Monica

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