A photo provided by the Santa Monica Police Department shows a significant number of spent shell casings, full ammo clips and blood at the Santa Monica College Library.

SMC — Santa Monica Police Officers Jason Salas and Robert Sparks are being honored by state authorities for their courage and heroism during the June 7, 2013 shooting at the Santa Monica College.
Both officers were part of a team who confronted 23-year old John Zawahri in the SMC Library. Zawahri shot and killed his father and brother, set his house on fire and went on a shooting spree that left five innocent victims dead. He was attempting to breach a room where several people had barricaded themselves to safety when he was confronted by the officers. Zawari, armed with an assault weapon was shot after he fired at the officers.
Officer Salas and Sparks will receive an award from the State Attorney General’s Office on September 8, 2014 and a Medal of Valor from the Governor’s Office on September 15.


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