SHORE HOTEL — The Chief Operating Officer of the Shore Hotel is accused of 77 counts, mostly felonies, in a complaint filed by the California Attorney General’s office, according to documents obtained by the Daily Press.

Steve Farzam was arrested in Santa Monica on June 27 and posted bail later that night.

The 77 counts span from June of 2010 to the day of Farzam’s arrest, according to the document filed by the Attorney General on July 28.

Farzam is accused of 18 counts of stealing identities and 19 counts of impersonating law enforcement officers. He also allegedly manufactured and tried to sell a slew of assault rifles.

He is said to have stolen the identity of two people, and to have assaulted another — one of the few misdemeanor counts among dozens of felonies.

On the day Farzam was arrested, he was allegedly found to have false license plates, false California state seals, and false gun licenses.

He allegedly had possession of red and blue light bars and a police radio stolen from the Los Angeles County Sheriff. He also had an illegal siren, according to the Attorney General’s filing.

In the counts that charge Farzam with impersonating an officer, it is said that he falsely and unlawfully represented himself “to be a public officer, investigator, and inspector in a state department and, in that assumed character, did the following: (1) Arrested, detained and threatened to arrest and detain a person and (2) Intimidated a person and (3) Searched a person, building and other property of a person and (4) Obtained money, property and thing of value.”

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court’s website, a man by the name of Steve Farzam was convicted of impersonating a law enforcement officer in 2002. It’s unclear if this is the same Steve Farzam. A representative from the Shore Hotel declined to respond to the Daily Press’ request for comment.

The recent investigation was led by the Attorney General’s E-Crime unit as a part of a joint operation with the U.S Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Investigators raided Farzam’s office at the Shore Hotel and his home, located in Los Angeles just outside of the Santa Monica city limit.

The Shore Hotel is located on Ocean Avenue near the corner of Broadway in Downtown Santa Monica. It opened in 2011 and, according to its website, rooms start at $279 per night.

According to a website called Hotel Executive, Farzam enrolled in the Santa Barbara Police Academy at the age of 19 and “eventually became a law enforcement officer.”
“When he’s not working,” the website says, “Mr. Farzam enjoys flying fixed-wing aircraft, restoring his Squad 51 fire truck from the television show ‘Emergency!,’ and volunteering as a tactical officer at Southern California’s Building Unique Youth Alternatives, a non-profit organization that works with at-risk youths.”

by Dave Simpson

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