The bicycle problem
As long as cars and bicycles share the road, bicyclers are going to get killed. Car drivers and bicyclers are people, and people make mistakes, and when they have accidents with each other, who do you think is going to lose?
I think Santa Monica has done a lot to show that it wants to promote the use of bicycling to save gas. But we still have the fundamental problem of each having to share the road with the other.
Maybe we should redesign our streets. Instead of the existing 2 lanes per each direction with no center lane for passing, make it one lane per direction with a center lane for passing. After all, how much bigger do we want our city to grow? It’s already too crowded as it is, if you ask me. Where’s the friendliness that we once had?
Then, pour a new curb to protect the bicyclers from the cars. The curb that already exists would protect pedestrians from the bicyclers.
Here’s another idea: establish a “downtown loop”, inside of which only pedestrians, bicyclists, and buses (perhaps small, frequent
inner-city buses) are allowed. Build several “downtown-loop park & rides” just outside the loop so drivers can get close to downtown and then walk, bike, or take a small bus to work.
We have the opportunity to set an example for others, to be a model city for others to follow. Why don’t we take it?
Mike McWilliams
Santa Monica

Startled and amazed
I was startled and amazed about the recent article on water use restrictions for Santa Monica. It appears that the Santa Monica residents will be taking the brunt of these restrictions: 68 gallons per person per day.
I have no problem with water conservation, but doesn’t it seem strange that our residents will be restricted while our City Council goes on a building spree of new hotels, condos and apartments? Where will we get all the water for these new bathrooms and showers? How will our “all-knowing” City Council determine who is using more than 68 gallons per person per day? I suppose they will form a police force for water criminals. What next?
Don Wagner
Santa Monica

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