SM a.r.t evaluates candidates’ suitability to the extent they adhere to our 5 principles outlined below. Based on this 5 -point philosophy, SM a.r.t. has created 10 questions for potential candidates. Hopefully, their answers will help you select the candidate that best represents your vision for Santa Monica’s future.
o To preserve Santa Monica’s “relaxed” beach culture – The City’s “relaxed” style differentiates it from neighboring cities to the east and needs to be preserved.
Do you believe that new development should be “maxed out” or in scale and compatible with the City’s predominately low-rise, existing buildings?
Do you believe that a new “town square” with an open plaza surrounded by cafes and low-rise development is a better use of the City owned site at 4th and Arizona than the 12-story development currently proposed?
o To maximize light, air, views and green space- We should continue to provide more open space and keep new construction in scale with the existing building stock.
Would you support specified MAXIMUM height limits for all new construction-30′ for residential; 40′ for “Boulevard commercial” and 50′ for “Downtown commercial”?
Would you support new design guidelines that encourage variations in building mass, require open space and encourage preservation of light and views for adjacent uses as opposed to the current crop of 5 & 6 story boxes being built to the property lines?
o To build at a human scale and for family life- We should prioritize low-rise, residential buildings close to ground level in areas of the City that are the most compatible with family needs.
Would you support multi-unit family housing for areas that are low-rise and in proximity to parks and schools rather than in the downtown center or at transit hubs?
Would you promote policies that encouraged local commercial development that maintains Santa Monica’s small beach town atmosphere as opposed to large, generic “Box Stores” or 20 plus story hotels on Ocean Ave.?
o To create a walkable, bikeable and drivable city – Large sidewalks with outdoor cafes enhance the pedestrian experience. The result is a more dynamic street life for pedestrians and cyclists.
How would you address the problems of inadequate parking and traffic that currently exists in the City and is likely to worsen with the Expo line coupled with proposed development.
Would you be willing to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the current TDM guidelines that
reduce needed parking but fail to provide residents with viable alternatives for their cars?
o To be a connected & sustainable community- It is incumbent upon the City to make sure that our resources and facilities are adequate for the current population.
“The greenest building is the one that is not torn down”. Would you make adaptive reuse of the City’s existing building stock a priority to preserve our heritage and reduce waste?
Would you agree to have the cost of upgraded infrastructure necessitated by future development be born by developers rather than the residents with higher utility rates?
We are in a severe drought and have been asked to reduce our water use by 20 percent. Should there be a moratorium on new development that until our water resources are adequate to support it?

Thane Roberts AIA for:
SMa.r.t. (Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow)
Ron Goldman FAIA, Architect
Mario Fonda-Bonardi AIA
Robert H. Taylor AIA
Daniel Jansenson, Architect
Armen Melkonians, Civil and Environmental Engineer
Phil Brock, Recreation & Parks Commissioner

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