Oscar de la Torre is a crook and SMRR should not disgrace itself or lose its credibility over succumbing to his blackmail. There is good reason the City has decreased its support of his organization and that is because it cannot legitimately account for the public funds it receives. The City should stop wasting taxpayer money on this fraudulent organization.
Jaime Gomez
Santa Monica

No time for bullies
How typical of Oscar De La Torre to amass a gang of recruits to intimidate the citizens of Santa Monica to “see” things his way. (Pico Delegation wants City Manager Fired, SMDP 7/29/14). Oscar has operated and conducted himself in this manner for years, continually threatening city officials, the police and Samohi students.
Is this the kind of representation and decision maker we want to re-elect to the school board? Someone who threatens anyone who doesn’t do what he wants? And do we want to elect his wife, Maria Loya to the College Board as well?
Oscar has repeatedly shown himself to be an unethical, selfish bully. This new tirade to demand the firing of Ron Gould is directly attributed to Ron Gould auditing the PYFC’s books, and again finding problems with the required financial reporting by the PYFC. In a rare instance of sanity, the City Council listened to facts outlining PYFC’s accounting inconsistencies and cut back the funding.
At a time when bullying is such a headline issue, how can this community elect or re-elect a pathological bully to represent our kids? And if Oscar gets re-elected to the school board, who will be the next target of his threats and intimidation?
Lori Emerson
Santa Monica

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