Bring back Schwengel

With regard to Ms. Brenda Rappaport’s zinging of Bill Bauer, please let me verify the following:
Ms. Rappaport is a consultant to the Los Angeles Unified School District, headed by John Deasy, who used to work for us in Santa Monica. Loren Drake does not have a baseball career background. Mr. Drake has baseball playing sons, and is an advocate for his sons. Kurt Schwengel brought titles to Santa Monica High, and has a lengthy experience in coaching baseball.
All of the above is true.
Now, Loren Drake may be a nice guy, or, as Ms. Rappaport says “Mr. Drake is an outstanding advocate”, but, it doesn’t make him a baseball coach, on the very high level, that Santa Monica High deserves. I, too, have lived in Santa Monica for a very long time. While Ms. Rappaport doesn’t say her sons played baseball at Santa Monica High, she says they went to Santa Monica High. While my Grandsons didn’t attend Santa Monica High, they all excelled athletically. One, from Texas, is a star high school baseball pitcher, nationally…but, his father, who also was a top athlete, never said, “I want to be your baseball coach”.
Bill Bauer was 100 percent correct. Bring back Kurt Schwengel. Forget the idiocy of the Loren Drake hiring.
Paul Weller
Santa Monica

Everyone’s rights
Here we go again! Your paper reported Friday that property owners are in for more rules and regulations. (“Council wants rising tenant complaints addressed”) Every election time, our Santa Monica for Renters Rights run city is back to kicking apartment owners in the dirt in order to get elected. It doesn’t matter how much these commie, crooks sell out our once sweet, quiet town to developers and tourism as long as they can make more and more draconian laws against property owners. They admit themselves that most people in town are renters and most people naturally only care about how cheap their rent is and that their landlord has no rights over them even on their own property. Someday I hope we get together and send them all back to communist Korea where they belong! We need a new party in town, Santa Monica for Everyone’s Rights, and not some thieves robbing the till who claim to represent only tenants while selling us out for more and more money.
Martin Sampson
Santa Monica

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