No doubt some people will look at these ridiculous new bus stops as “Opportunity Sites”, an opportunity for a slip and fall lawsuit against the city. I am sure they will be coming and I hope some of the $7 million has been set aside to settle the lawsuits of people falling off these contraptions and getting hurt. I am a big guy and I take the bus quite a bit. I have tried them and they are very uncomfortable. The shade apparatus is a joke. Stopping the installation right away seems like a great idea. I have a hunch the BBB knows they screwed up because I heard they are storing all the old benches instead of selling them to somebody else. Did they test any prototypes of these things on any real people, real bus riders to get their opinion? I bet not. Money spent like this should deliver an improvement over what we already had. This is not an improvement. Admit the mistake and bring back the benches.
Richard Orton
Santa Monica

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