When automobiles started to replace horse drawn buggies, some one must have thought it would be wise if these new “drivers” had some kind of drivers instruction. Today, taking such instruction is one of the passages of life for an American teen.

Now that we have changed the rules for bike riders, maybe it’s time we insisted on riding instruction for this group of “road users.”

Just this morning I saw a man riding on the wrong side of the road; I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been almost “run down” while walking on the sidewalk by bike riders who must think that the sidewalks belong to them; and I cringe every time I see a young parent riding with an infant in all sorts of questionable “baskets.” And helmets? (Fuggetaboutit)

The city of Santa Monica has worked to make the city “bicycle friendly.” Now it needs to insure the non-bicycle portion of the community remains safe.


Michael Risman

Santa Monica

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