Re: An open letter to the City Council:

Please comment on what steps are being taken to formally reprimand those city employees who were involved in this process and cover-up — are there to be formal reprimands or terminations for gross misconduct?

What is the point of having [Land Use and Circulation Element] if the staff is making judgment calls with no public input or comment?

It is fortunate the Northeast Neighbors uncovered this wrong-doing before it was too late but this type of situation leaves residents of the city skeptical regarding development of the city free from corruption and mismanagement. I would think it wise to send a strong message to the electorate that this type of behavior will not be tolerated by elected officials or appointed staff. If no consequences to those who violated the public trust exist, any sense of integrity of the process and of both staff and elected officials following an approved strategic plan will surely be lost.


Ralph Barton

Santa Monica

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