070214 _ BRIEFSThe iconic Big Bear Pirate Ship that sank on February 28, due to severe weather is now completely restored. The convalesced pirate ship, which is also known as The Time Bandit, is now ready to resume its regular narrated tours for the summer.

The ship has hosted hundreds of local Santa Monica children who visit it as part of their YMCA camp experience.

“She is better than ever, she is just like new again,” explained Loren Hafen the owner and operator of Big Bear Pirate Ship. “We restored the entire ship bow to stern, from the waterline to the top deck.”

Big Bear Pirate Ship suffered significant damage on its portside hull. The storm took the ship underwater, which caused the ship’s tie-down ring to rip out of the hull and created a substantial hole. Also, a second minor hole was caused on the portside hull when it rubbed against the dock during its sinking. Both of these damaged areas were cut out and replaced with marine plywood, reinforced with three to five layers of fiberglass over the plywood, then covered with a sealing coat of epoxy resin, and finished off with a fresh coat of paint of the ship’s original colors black, white and red. In addition to the restored hull, the pirate ship has two new outboard motors, a renewed cabin and a reinforced walking plank for scallywags who insult or cross the pirates in any way.

Visit www.BigBearBoating.com or call 909-866-5706 for more information.

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