The council is considering the same laws for e-cigs that are already on the books for tobacco smoking. What a laugh! Are they really? Since they do not enforce the existing no-smoking laws, why bother to add e-cigs? Why don’t they go back a few steps and start enforcing the no-smoking laws already on the books.

The city doesn’t even bother to post signs at bus stops (a smoker’s paradise), in parks, and in the places that are no-smoking zones. Why, you may ask? I have no idea.

Downtown, where most of us catch buses to other less expensive stores, there is no smoking within 20 feet of a bus stop — or within 20 feet of a business. So if you want to smoke Downtown, the middle of the street is a good place. Of course the cars may kill you as you puff away, but then you’re killing yourself anyway and dragging the rest of us into your addiction while you’re at it.

Apparently, the council wants to make themselves look good by passing laws the city has no intentions of enforcing.


Marilyn Brennan

Santa Monica

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