I applaud Bill Bauer for exposing Sheila Kuehl’s “old tricks” and her habit of misleading the voters (“Big battles coming in November election,” May 9). I went to Kuehl for help when I was chair of the Special Education District Advisory Committee to the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. Students were not receiving educational support they needed and were entitled to by law. Kuehl was on the state legislature and a group of parentsasked her to help us by pursuing the issue with her friends on the school board. Kuehl met with us but did nothing.

A couple of years later, things had deteriorated to the point where parentsof disabled studentswere required to sign “gag orders” to get needed services, which had become known as “secret deals.” By then, Bobby Shriver was on City Council and it was he who led a successfulcampaign to stop”gag orders” in our local public schools.

Sheila Kuehl puts on a good progressive show, but is limitedby her loyalties and ambition. Shriver is independent. Shriver comes through and isthere when it counts.


Tricia Crane

Santa Monica

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