After reading the various budget approval items by City Council, I became angry and had a few sarcastic laughs. In a subsection, “Happy People? We’ll see”, City Hall has pledged $650,000 to a Local Wellbeing Index project and now Rand needs another $90,000 to measure happiness. Really? I myself am not too happy to know that this is how our tax dollars are recklessly spent by City Council. When will they be held accountable?

And then there is money spent to have a third party company solicit bids from vendors. What do we pay our city employees to do? The ones receiving higher than average compensation packages compared to the non-government worker. I am constantly reading about consultants performing services for the city. I would love to know the budget expenditures for all the consultants the city hires. What a waste.

Oh yes, speaking of waste, since when is a trashcan worth $6,500? BBB needs seven new trashcans, which cost nearly $46,000. Explain that one. Must be made of a precious metal.

We need new leadership.


Pat Flaagan

Santa Monica

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