I also got a letter from Ron Davis, President of Santa Monica Ford and Subaru, about his plan for a new boutique Subaru dealership at 2700 Lincoln Blvd. and in the ‘hood. As a loyal Subaru owner, I thought I’d want to hear him out at the OPA meeting before I make a judgment. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to drop my car off and walk home. That is my idea of neighborhood serving.

I was impressed. I have experienced, first hand, his old fashioned brand of personal service over the last three years. Once I had a three-day repair and was loath to rent a car. Not realizing who Mr. Davis was, he magically appeared and gave me the keys to a clean Subaru, gratis, for 3 days while mine was being fixed. Always had great service and politely backed up my warranty, and washed my car, even for an oil change.

That aside, what exists now at 2700 is an eyesore and reeks with fumes and will be there for years to come unless there is change. Mr. Davis’s plan to replace an auto related business consolidating all into one building and conducting all auto service indoors, park cars underground, widen the sidewalks, create an art filled neighborhood caf√© behind a landscape barrier sounds like a vast improvement to what exists currently, a place that enhances the pedestrian experience significantly over what exists. I’d like to see a less slick looking piece of architecture there, something that fits in with the eclectic feel of the street though.

I support his effort and having experienced his brand of service first hand, I know he will be a great neighbor. I support this big move for Lincoln Blvd. I am not afraid of an auto row on the boulevard, as this is unique. It is a new and improved replacement and I look forward to its evolution.

Linda Jassim

Sunset Park Resident

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