Thanks for the news article re: the growing campaign to save and restore award-winning artist Jane Golden’s creative wall mural “Muir Woods” at the corner of Lincoln and Ocean Park boulevards. (“Activists rally around redwood mural,” June 4).

But it wasn’t me who launched the campaign to save this important mural. The person who actually started this pro-environment, pro-tree, pro-education, and pro-art community endeavor is your fine newspaper’s very own creative Curious City columnist Charles Andrews.

Thanks to Mr. Andrews’ timely column a few weeks ago, most people in the community are now just starting to find out that Ms. Golden’s familiar and inspiring 1978 mural is in danger of being taken away. Deep appreciation to Mr. Andrews for alerting and educating the Santa Monica community, where many residents and visitors are now coming together to passionately speak out in support of the mural’s full and respectful restoration.


Jerry Rubin

Santa Monica

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