LAX — Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), the corporation that runs LAX, is reaching out to travelers during the airport’s ongoing construction efforts.

The new campaign, “LAX is Happening,” includes several elements that will hopefully keep travelers informed while providing some tips for those who will encounter construction-related problems.

“LAX is Happening goes beyond the typical airport ‘pardon our dust’ campaign. While we’ll be informing the public about potential impacts and providing them resources to plan ahead, we’ll also be communicating our vision for LAX and getting the public excited about all that’s happening with our modernization efforts,” said Gina Marie Lindsey, executive director of LAWA in a statement.

Amanda Parsons, public relations specialist with LAWA, said some problems like traffic, parking and security lines are largely out of the company’s control but the construction will hopefully improve the overall travel experience.

“What we can control is the atmosphere that we try to cultivate once you’re beyond those security points and that’s a large part of what these capital improvements are about,” she said. “Working hard to make these in-terminal experiences a pleasant as possible.”

The outreach campaign includes a website,, featuring real-time traffic information, road closures, “insider” traffic tips, video shortcuts, information on upcoming phases of construction and universal icons to help international travelers.

Parsons said much of the construction is being planned for off-peak hours and that all projects are being built in phases to limit disturbance. However, she said passengers will start to notice some of the work in the near future.

“We want to keep the public aware and abreast of what we’re doing but let them know that we’re not only working to make the airport better but make it as less impactful as possible,” said Parsons.

LAWA is also releasing monthly updates on the project. According to the June update:

The latest impacts to travelers will be the closure of Center Way from Theme Way to East Way, the temporary and intermediate closure of the Upper/Departures Level Roadway, and the relocation of the TSA Screening Area on the south side of the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT), among other ongoing construction projects.

Visitors and travelers should look for and follow the comprehensive way-finding signage in place near all construction sites to ensure their safety and to enhance mobility.

Passengers and motorists are advised that roadway lane restrictions are in effect on a nightly or continuous (24 hours, seven days a week) basis in the Central Terminal Area:

Every night, short portions of Lane 4 (the inner lane) on the Lower/Arrivals Level Roadway will be shut down in front of pre-selected terminals, two at a time, from May 27 to June 24, from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m., for Ground Penetrating Radar exploration. This non-destructive examination calls for work crews in scissor lifts placed on the Lower Level Roadway to examine the Upper Level Roadway in order to locate reinforcing steel (rebar) within the structure in order to aid roadway reinforcement efforts. There will be two sets of crews, one starting at Terminal 1 and working west, the other starting at Terminal 4 and working east. Impacts to traffic and passenger flow are expected to be minimal.

North Center Way between Theme Way (the street near Parking Structure 2A) and East Way will be closed from 12 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday, and from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday as needed, as part of the Center Way widening effort. This closure is ongoing through Aug. 29. This effort will ultimately result in a three-lane road for part of Center Way North, which will ease traffic congestion for motorists.

The northbound portion of East Way, as well as part of one lane of southbound East Way, will be closed from World Way North to World Way South from May 27 to Sept. 5, 12 a.m. to 3 p.m., for roadway improvements related to the Center Way widening project.

Sidewalk closures will be in effect at the following locations:

Terminal 7’s lower level sidewalk and median will be closed for work on curbside escalators. Pedestrians will be rerouted from June 2 to Aug. 8.

The sidewalks along Center Way North will be closed between the Central Utility Plant and East Way, and along East Way for the Center Way Widening effort.

There will be periodic and intermittent partial sidewalk closures outside TBIT on the Upper/Departures Level due to work on the exterior canopies as part of the New Face of LAX Project, which aims to unify the exterior appearance of LAX’s nine terminals. Closures are expected to occur from 12 midnight to 9 a.m. and from 4 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. through July 14. Some escalators outside TBIT may also be periodically impacted by this work.

Portions of the sidewalk in and around Terminal 1 and Parking Structure 1 through July 3 and at Terminal 7 and Parking Structure 7 from June 2, 2013 to Aug. 8, 2014 will be temporarily closed during non-peak hours for Americans with Disabilities Act improvements to the sidewalk ramps, sidewalk evenness, crosswalks, and parking structure stalls.

Renovations inside terminals are also underway in:

Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT): The Southside TSA screening area closed for construction of escalators and elevators leading to the upper level of the terminal on May 30. A temporary TSA screening area opened in the rear-center of TBIT’s ticketing area on May 29 to relieve congestion caused by the southside screening area closure. This temporary area will ultimately consist of eight TSA checkpoints and will be used until the final TSA screening area partially opens to the public Fall 2014.

Terminal 4: As the Terminal 4 Connector Project — bridging Terminal 4 and TBIT post-security — continues construction on the airfield, it will impact the use of some west-facing gates in Terminal 4. During the interim, passengers are being bussed to remote gates on the west side of the airfield. The Terminal 4 Connector is expected to complete construction in late 2015.

Terminal 5: Delta Airlines is continuing its upgrade effort. Passengers will encounter construction barricades and work-related noise on both the arrivals and departures levels. Work is anticipated on this project through 2015.

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