Santa Monica Daily Press Publisher Ross Furukawa conducts a one on one conversation with Patric Verronein anticipation of the upcoming election for California State Senator, 26th District.

Patric Verrone feels the issues of the writers’ strike he helped lead in 2007 are very similar to what the middle class is now struggling with. “I think all of us deserve fair wages, health insurance and a pension. I hope to go to Sacramento to fight for those values.” He says that while we went through a lot of cutbacks here to fund other programs, “to me, education is always job #1.” He pointed out that we created only one new UC campus during a time when we doubled our population. “We need to bring more money in ‚Äì reevaluate Prop. 13 for commercial properties that are way undervalued, we need an oil separation fee, and Prop. 30 was a step in the right direction.”

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