Santa Monica Daily Press Publisher Ross Furukawa conducts a one on one conversation with Marianne Williamsonin anticipation of the upcoming election for California US Representative, 33rd District.

Marianne Williamson discounts the discussion of incremental, agencies approaches to massive problems like homelessness. “That’s what’s wrong with government today. We need to recognize the level of social injustice that is behind all this. Over the last few decades we’ve siphoned off huge amounts of the material resources of our country,” onto the pockets of the very few. There’s been a corporate takeover of the US Government. We need more than a political conversation about who’s going to get the largest pile of crumbs. We need to revision our society as the place where everyone gets a shot.” She says “the mentally ill have wound up in one of two places, in prison or on our streets.” Many are veterans, she says, who deserve use of the spacious VA center in West LA.

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