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We are longtime Santa Monica residents, and never go to the Sunday Farmers’ Market, and so as a matter of principle we strongly disapprove of the pony rides (“Pony ride operator lacking some permits,” May 6).

Despite their owner Tawni Angel’s claims that the ponies are well taken care of, it is obvious that they are unhappy, exhausted animals not properly taken care of, and thrown into a loud, stressful and overcrowded arena.

We cannot condone such blatant disrespect of animals, which is why we refuse to patronize the Sunday market. And we know from friends and neighbors that we are not the only ones distraught by the pony rides.

That the city would allow such animal abusers to operate is simply shameful. And the market manager’s lack on interest for our concern comforts us in our decision to boycott this and all Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets.

The very existence of such abusive practices in a progressive city like Santa Monica is beyond comprehension.


The O’Donnell family

Santa Monica

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