As a resident of 850 Second St. in Santa Monica, I wanted to express my deep appreciation for the first responders, especially the Santa Monica Fire Department and police for the quick and decisive actions beginning on the evening of May 15 in response to the transformer explosion and subsequent fire at that location. The fire that could have easily engulfed our building was heroically and I might add so professionally extinguished. Our fire fighters were ably aided by units from Los Angeles and I am told from Beverly Hills.

Sadly to say, a few of my neighbors did not fare so well as I and their units were severely damaged. Fortunately, it appears that no one was injured badly enough to warrant hospitalization and the emergency medical professionals were on hand for them.

Throughout the events of that night, the evacuation and the fighting of the fire, these brave professionals acted with sensitivity and caring as regards to the needs and desires of us as the residents.

I especially want to commend the person, responder or neighbor, who went door to door literally thumping a warning to us all of the danger and the need to get out when the normal alarm system failed. Over the years in this area, I have experienced several of these transformer explosions and perhaps I, personally, have become complacent and would have dismissed this as just another power failure except for the thumping on my door.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks and commendation.



Samuel M. Tolkin

Santa Monica

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