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While Jennifer O’Conner’s intentions are a noble cause, the litany described in the response to the (story) “Pony ride operator lacking permits” (May 6, pg. 1) reads more like an indictment against people in general: “can, may” are used repeatedly inferring since this particular operator was not in conformance, you make a sweeping generalization that none of the animals anywhere ridden as ponies are being treated humanely.

Hoof aliments, saddle sores, mouth and teeth problems from ill fitting/carelessly rigged tackle, working in scorching heat and water being withheld … all of that can happen anywhere on farms across the world, not just a local pony ride. You may also ask the operator who could be in a job with little or no options under a scorching sun (like immigrants picking the lettuce you eat), what’s their feedback on their “ethical treatment.”

Yes, it may be 2014 … but we know someone right now is hoarding 150 cats in their house because they have issues … but I don’t believe every cat-owner mistreats their cats.


Ervin Raab

Walnut, Calif.

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