Re: “Pony ride operator lacking permits,” May 6, page 1.

Kudos to Marcy Winograd for speaking up for ponies. The rides are cruel.

Being tightly tethered to turnstiles and forced to plod in endless circles all day long is no kind of life for these ponies. Treated like nothing more than equipment, ponies can suffer hoof ailments, saddle sores, and mouth and teeth problems resulting from ill fitting or carelessly rigged tackle. Ponies can spend hours working in the scorching heat and water may be withheld to prevent unsightly “accidents.”

Intentionally or not, overly excited kids can be rough. Ponies may be hit, kicked, or have their tails and manes pulled. They can be left sore and chaffed from their halters being tugged on all day long.

It’s 2014 and the time for these rides to be relegated to the history books is long overdue. Parents who want their kids to be kind to animals should explain why they won’t be taking a ride.



Jennifer O’Connor

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals



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