The time has come to set the record straight about affordable housing. My opponents at Santa Monicans Renters’ Rights (SMRR) hate the truth, even though they clearly understand it and do all they can to hide it. Some 99 percent of housing is affordable in Santa Monica, proven by the fact that Santa Monica has one of the lowest eviction rates for nonpayment of rent in the United States of America. The term affordable housing is a gimmick, a scheme, a lie promoted as truth thereby creating a misunderstanding of home ownership and the people’s ability to be independent of government rather then dependent.

This systematic destruction of the home ownership dream mixed with the warped understand of property rights, and wealth building is center stage in the SMRR playbook. My fellow tenants, it is well within your God given talents and abilities to become wealthy and own a home. Year in and year out the voters allow SMRR to stay in power, the time is upon us to vote for any politician who is not a SMRR candidate.

Our current City Council is so desperate to stay in power they will say and do anything to trick and guilt my fellow Santa Monica residents into voting for them.

The truth is every American citizen has an obligation to the nation to work hard, become wealthy and own a home. My friends, facts are stubborn things: wealth building, home ownership and investment in real estate has created more upward mobility and wealth than any nation on Earth. I urge you to vote in November. Let’s take back our city before we are permanently destroyed by SMRR.


Robert Kronovet

Santa Monica

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