Santa Monica City Hall (File photo)

CITY HALL — A relatively short council meeting went by with many unanimous affirmative votes and little comment from the public.

Mayor Pam O’Connor and Councilmember Bob Holbrook were absent from the meeting.

City Hall got glowing reviews from outside auditors for its financial statements from fiscal year 2012-13, finding no significant issues.

Council approved the Santa Monica Public Housing Authority’s five-year and annual plans.

Coucilmember Tony Vazquez expressed concerned with the fact that low-income families are being placed in one bedroom apartments.

In order to accommodate more people, the Housing Authority considers a living room a space someone could sleep.

“Because we have such a demand for housing and we have such little available, we prioritize trying to accomplish and house as many people as we possibly can,” said Barbara Collins, housing manager.

She explained than many of the people served would be homeless if it weren’t for the housing vouchers.

Council voted unanimously to study the expansion of the boundaries from which Downtown Santa Monica Inc. serves and draws funding for its services.

As Lincoln Boulevard sees more pedestrian use, city officials feel it should receive some of the services provided by Downtown Santa Monica Inc.

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