Dana Friedman’s statements in the Malibu Unites’ press release were simply nasty, representing the worst of some in Malibu to malign the district and its administration at every opportunity, real or imagined (“School district cited for pesticide violation,” April 3).

I’ve been involved with the district for almost 40 years as a parent and community volunteer and I believe that this administration, headed by Superintended Sandy Lyon, is simply outstanding and deserving of our unqualified support. I’m tempted to believe this is a strategy adopted by some to create an atmosphere in which the district will be willing, even eager, to agree to a separation simply to avoid this continuing aggravation. If it is, it is not well-founded. Attacks like this, reminiscent of the most outrageous political campaign rhetoric, make me wonder whether those of us, both in Santa Monica and Malibu, who are acting in good faith should continue spending any time on this issue at all.


Tom Larmore

Santa Monica

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