Bill Bauer and I have agreed on a number of things over the years, but his column castigating Sheila Kuehl and raising Bobby “Save the Hedges” Shriver to sainthood is not one of them (“Honesty an issue in supervisor race,” My Write, March 31).

Bauer writes that the “imaginative” Shriver, as a Santa Monica council member, “worked to fight traffic, resolve homeless problems, clean up the Santa Monica Bay and make City Hall more responsible to the people.” And his success rate here was … ?

After attacking Kuehl and her “big money cronies” (I pause for a guffaw), Bauer adds that Shriver “can’t be bought!” Of course not: he does the buying. As he proves by “contributing” $300,000 of his own dough for the supervisor campaign. I am wondering whether Bill drinks lime or orange Kool-Aid.


Ron Di Costanzo

Santa Monica

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