ON THE RUN: This pig wasn't easy to catch. (Photo courtesy Santa Monica Police Department)
ON THE RUN: This pig wasn’t easy to catch. (Photo courtesy Santa Monica Police Department)

A pot belly pig is now back with its owners (presumably living high on the hog) after Animal Control officers found it roaming free north of Montana Avenue.

Officers received several calls early Wednesday evening from residents near 10th Street and Marguerita Avenue about a white-haired pig walking in an alley.

After a few attempts, officers were able to get the pig in a canine carrier and transport it to the Santa Monica Animal Shelter, where it was held overnight. The owner, who lives in Los Angeles, picked up the pet Thursday.

“They provided all the proper paperwork,” said Sgt. Mike Graham, Animal Control Unit supervisor.

Hogs are not allowed in Santa Monica without a proper permit, Graham said.

The hog’s owner apparently brought the animal to Santa Monica so their daughter could show it to her friends. They left a garage door open and the hog escaped.

“It’s a nice pig,” Graham said.

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