A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has found Santa Monica landlord Isaac Gabriel in contempt for violating an injunction prohibiting him from coming within 10 yards of his tenants.

As part of the injunction Gabriel was also required to hire a property management company to oversee his two apartment buildings, something he didn’t do since two tenants said he was actively managing the properties and was in frequent contact with his tenants, the City Attorney’s Office wrote in a news release.

The court fined Gabriel $24,000 for the contempt and ordered him to serve five days in county jail. Gabriel can avoid the jail time if he proves that he no longer manages the properties.

A tenant testified that Gabriel attacked him with a baseball bat in October 2013. Another tenant documented 36 times in the past several months that Gabriel came within 10 yards of him, in violation of the court order, according to the release.

The original court order, from November 2010, came after a trial in which the City Attorney’s Office proved that Gabriel had broken the law in his capacity as landlord by committing:

• Sexual harassment of a female tenant;

• Repeated illegal entries into tenants’ units; and

• Illegal renting of uninhabitable space.

The Santa Monica City Attorney’s Consumer Protection Unit brought the motion for contempt and will continue to monitor Gabriel’s compliance with the injunction.

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